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Audio Interactive is a new player in the game audio market. As devision of Soundgram Post we combine years of experience with fresh new ideas. From a few sound assets and a short music loop for your mobile game to complex interactive adaptive musical structures and dynamic mixing, we do it all. We can provide you with the full audio package in pipeline middelware (like Wwise), work with you on implementing the audio with your programmer, or even send you a detailed description of our ideas for the dynamic mix. So if you want a close collaboration, or just send a list of the assets needed, we will work with you to get a fitting solution with the best possible result within your budget.


Teasers and Trailers

We can also provide the audio for your teasers and trailers.



Game Audio

This is an example of our work in a early version of the game Ana Taru.

our expertise

What we can add to your game for a higher level of immersion

Interactive Music

Custom Sound Design

Dynamic Mixing

Professional Voice Recording

our services

Not sure what you need? Just call and we make an appointment, no strings attached


Sound Design

With sound design we create sounds that are not covered by foley recordings. An airplane flyby, automatic rifles, explosions or aliens. You name it we make it. We design a sound pallet for your world.

Music Composition

We have experienced composers in our team, so we will be able to provide you with a great variety of musical styles. We have the knowhow to provide you with anything from a simple loop to complex adaptive musical structures. We combine live recorded instruments with the best sample libraries on the market today. In our large recording space we could fit a small orchestra if needed, so no matter what your budget is, we will find a musical solution for you.



Foley is the art of re-making sounds that people normally produce. We do footsteps, bodymotions and props. Slamming a door, fireing a gun, unzipping or the latest karate kick. It all needs sound to go with your game. We love it.


It goes without saying that we record anything. Music and sound, voices, cars, you name it, we record it. We work with hi definition audio and can handle any format you wish. Our platforms are Logic Pro, Protools and Cubase. Since Audio Interactive is part of the Soundgram family, feel free to look on soundgram.com/studio for a complete list of our equipment.


Dynamic Mixing & Middleware

Your game won't be a linear experience, so why should the audio be static? A dynamic mix will definitly enhance the immersion of your game. We can provide you with the full dynamic audio package in middelware like Wwise, work with you on implementing the audio with your programmer, or even send you a detailed description of our ideas for the dynamic mix.

ADR & Voice Over

We have made many ADR (automatic dialog replacement) and voice-over recordings in our studio. Depending on the project we can arrange voices or bring who you want for the job. We make sure the result sounds like it should.


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  • Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Address: Europalaan 2B, 3526 KS, Utrecht, NL
  • Phone: +31 (0) 30 - 302 14 69
    • Email: info [at] audio-interactive.com